What are our knitwear made of?

100% Vegan Wool. This material has minimal absorption of odors, sweat and water. Which allows the product life cycle to be longer due to it is not necessary to wash the garment so often. Soon there will be another Premium range! Made of 50% cotton 50% acrylic (which is characterized by being softer to the touch & more cozier than our other products)

What are our flat woven line made of?

Cotton: When it comes to our Cotton Line of productos such as hoodies - t-shirts crewnecks and sweatpants we work with Colombian or Peruvian Organic & or Recycle Cotton. We proud ourselves on our suppliers as our raw materials come from small local & family shops of the best qualities. Polyiester/Nylon & Viscose: Not every product meets the needs of every activity that is why we have a line of products focus on our sportwear gear & extreme activities gear: Nylon, Polyester come from our smart lab suppliers in LATAM such as Patprimo, Sutex, Stylotex, Lafayette which work with Sustainable fabrics from national suppliers & also recycle plastic bottles and other plastics to create smart non absorbent fabrics great for sportwear.

Why are we a slow fashion brand?

We work with small locals looms-weaving workshop in Colombia, With production orders no larger than 50 to 100 units which make them limited edition in all of it's forms. Each one of our fashion products has a 100% local production process, which means that our suppliers, raw materials, production, knitting, branding and in house team is Colombian. As our knitwear has no need of cut & sew, the fabric consumption of our products is exact. Which allow us to have a almost 0% Waste policy when it comes to our raw materials!

Zero waste polytics

A zero-waste policy is managed, yeih! Even if we do have samples that did not come out perfect as we aren't perfect, those samples fin a sweet home through our sample sale event or as a gift to our in house team of designers and artists. As a small brand the waste of the garments of our cut & sew means much to us as we are trying to grow in the most sustainable way. Whereas the procedures of this flat fabric, are reused making smaller pieces such as accessories like masks or , masks, etc. (The raw material is maximized so that waste is minimal)

Design sustainability

A. Our Company ethos is to work with emerging & contemporary artists where we support such giving the a % of comission over the work we develop!
B. All our Knitwear Factories & weaving workshops are small independent shops of no more than 10 employees.
C. In our loom- weaving workshop, the 70% of women are mothers who are heads of households.
D. Our products are not only special due to their procedure but also because of its limited edition variable! a. All collections are exclusive & limited to a sale time of 1 year on the market, b, we produce maximum of 100 units per size reference c We produce small capsules and more often collections so you and your peers have unique designs that not everyone has.
We have a Zero waste policy; therefore, we have marketing activations such as *sample sales*: which are all the samples that are made to reach the final product, taking care of the same quality structure, which we do biannually. 1 in spring and 1 in autumn.