A legacy of creativity

Image By: A Lot Studio 


The inception of the studio can be traced back when two creatives from Parsons School of Design decided to channel their love for contemporary art and fashion and their appreciation for emerging talent into a studio that would prove to be a celebration of their work. From carefully curated products to fashionable garments, the best of typography, craftsmanship, and design-thinking come together to create a melange of experiences. The studio was created in the hopes of generating symbiotic relationships between talented artists searching for opportunities and conscious consumers looking for sustainable and meaningful fashion.

Young contemporary artists often struggle to have their work supported in a world where big organisations take their work for granted, without showing sensitivity to their talent and narrative. This denies the artist’s work the value and care it deserves. In such a climate, the duo wanted to embrace young talent and give them a platform that would not only support them but also nurture them and provide them with the ecosystem their work needs to thrive. This is done by providing these artists with a platform that adds visibility to their work while enabling meaningful collaborations that lead to monetary opportunities. This approach and ideology led to the creation of a brand and community called A Lot Studio. It has been 2 years since A LOT STUDIO’s inception and the brand has released a series of tangible products that stay committed to embracing new and fresh creative perspectives. The founders recognize the power of community and understand the role these creatives play in shaping the world we live in. The diverse backgrounds and experience of the collaborators and team members has helped the team shape a global brand that is wholesome, inclusive, conscious and unique. The brand’s products and initiatives will always celebrate emerging talent and in the process, they hope to celebrate you as you breathe life into them, adding layers to the work as you support what the brand stands for.

Written By: Jahnavi Shah

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