We at A Lot Studio understand that the most beautiful thing about the intersection of art and design is the possibility to highlight the voices of the creatives behind the process. In our inaugural artist feature, we spoke with Ana Buitrago, an artist, designer, and ceramicist born in Colombia and based in Chicago. Joining us on the movement of making art a career option, Ana believes that she needs to explore the power that objects have to create cultural associations and experiences, and she does that when she plays with form and texture of ceramics to challenge our perceptions.

We learned a lot from her inspirations, struggles and aspirations, and we wrote this piece to share all of our discoveries with you. Much can be explored when we focus on the process rather than the end goal, so we asked Ana a few questions where she tells us the amazing, and not so amazing experiences being an independent artist. 

Each artist has a different approach when it comes to the process of making, would you mind sharing yours?  

“I really enjoy the process of making my pieces each of them require a lot of care and attention to every single detail, I really want to control the material but at the end the amazing thing of ceramics is that I will never be able to manage everything because once I place it in the kiln I have to wait to the most exciting, nervous, magic moment in which I open the kiln and the first thing I wonder is.. did the pieces survived? Did the glaze turn out the way I expected? It is a matter of time, like any craft the longer you have explored the more you feel comfortable experimenting, and I am still on that experimentation stage.

If you had the chance to read our manifesto, you know how crazy we are about art and design, and in our conversation with Ana, we touched on some of the topics we dwell on. As we mentioned before, Ana is an artist and designer and she told us that “My highest difficulty I will say is to keep myself in a limbo between art and design.” The work that we are doing with her made us think how we can create the space where design and art can thrive together without overshadowing each other's purpose and highlight the beauty and of them when putting together. 

A Lot Studio was created from the desire to create pieces that support a community that design products not to be dispose. What do you want to achieve when creating your pieces? 

“I want to make pieces that are accessible to any kind of public even if they are not so related to the specific concept of the piece” Ana first said…Then she continued explaining to us where she sees her art taking her: “A dream project that has been on the back of my head is going back to Colombia for some time and reconnect with my culture. Once I am there I will like to support the art and design field, there is a lot of talent and get in contact with them is important to me.”

Check Ana Buitrago's work: 




Written by: Jaadi Fonseca 

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